Erin Sansoni CMT

Camtc # 57523

                     MY STORY!  ​​

I grew up in Rancho Cordova, Ca and when I was younger I always ended up massaging my dad... so in 2006 I enrolled in the AOS program for Massage Therapy and Advanced Bodywork  at Bryan College in Gold River. The courses included: Anatomy/Kinesiology, Ethics 1&2, Physiology/Pathology, Communications, Business Practices, Western Massage Techniques, Eastern Massage Techniques, Spa Therapies, European Massage Techniques, Advanced Massage Techniques, Eastern Philosophy, Medical Massage Techniques, Clinical Massage Techniques, Psychology- Stress Management, Psychology- Sports, Sports Massage Techniques, and Spa Operations. I graduated in 2007 with 1240 hours of education. 
In middle school, I started playing sports I played volleyball, basketball, and soccer for two years and then started playing soccer year round.  Soccer was something that I fell in love with and even if I wasnt playing I was coaching. Eleven years later and who knows how many 2-18 year olds. I still love the game. 

While, I was in massage school I got a job promoting a local nonprofit program. It was ... amazing... fast forward through the last 10 years and... I have managed/ was Vice President on the board of the Humane Society , assisted with fundraising events, and fostered many animals!